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China today is simultaneously the world’s largest trading country, the largest EM debtor, one of the largest investors in developing countries, and an ambitious global geopolitical power. 

A service of Beijing-based risk management and due diligence consultancy, Advise Insight Ltd., China Analytica provides clients with analysis that cuts through economic and political dynamics driving market relevant outcomes in Greater China. Founder and veteran financial and investigative journalist Allen Cheng has more than 30-years in experience analyzing political, economic, and financial trends in Greater China. We provide clients with clarity at both the macro and micro level.  Our analysis is founded on the following principles:

  • We believe a combination of economic and political dynamics will drive market relevant outcomes in Greater China, and our analysis will reflect this
  • We leverage on-the-ground observations and interviews, deep analysis of policy documents, and quantitative analysis to provide the best insights to clients
  • We never take official Chinese data as given and conduct our own forensic analysis of official and unofficial data to tease out deeper insights
  • We take a game theoretical view of how events unfold. Important actors, whether in the market or government, take actions which are best responses to what they expect other actors to do. This assumption allows us to make non-linear predictions unexpected by the market.

We connect macro events to industry-level and even firm-level analysis.  The comprehensive view creates value for investors with different investment style.

Our flagship publication China Analytica provides a biweekly take of the most important trends emerging in Greater China. 

We also are happy to work with clients on bespoke projects on a particular aspect of China.  Advise Insight Ltd. ( and China Analytica offers clients the ability to take deep dives into the China market place. We offer tailor-made services that help investors manage risks in China, including due diligence on individuals and companies, risk management assessments of rivals in the marketplace, as well as mass market polling and surveys to feel the pulse of consumers.

To learn more, contact founder Allen Cheng at

Allen T. Cheng

Allen T. Cheng is a veteran financial journalist and due diligence expert specializing in the Greater China region. For a decade until recently, he was the Asia Bureau Chief of Institutional Investor Inc., a New York-based financial media company and remains a Senior Adviser to Institutional Investor’s II Membership and Forums in Asia.

Cheng concurrently has had a career in market due diligence and political risk analysis. He was a partner of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai-based risk management firm A. Louie & Associates from 2004-2008. He is the founder of Beijing-based risk management firm Advise Insight Ltd., which over the years served a number of global clients, including IntegraScreen Ltd., World-Check Group, and Thomson Reuters Plc.’s Governance, Risk & Compliance division. Cheng has won numerous journalism industry awards, including recognition of excellence in investigative journalism from Society of Professional Journalists New York Chapter’s Deadline Club Awards in 2009 and excellence in financial journalism from State Street Press Awards for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017.

Cheng holds a B.A. and M.A. in Mass Communications from Washington State University and in 1987 served as a summer fellow at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

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